Version 1.0.5 Released on July 9, 2015

Chairman Cow is super excited for…Lunch! AND THIS NEW PATCH!!!


Chairman Cow loves new stuff simply because he doesn’t like old stuff. Here’s some of the new updates in Chairman Cow!

Level 25 Unlocked

  • Chairman Cow is ready to roll into new content containing a contest involving food and power

Chairman Cow Story Viewer

  • Now you are able to relive your favorite moments of Chairman Cow’s story on the iPhone interface

Help Page

  • Looking to up your game in Chairman Cow? A informational guide is available to view on the iPhone interface


Upgrade via Force Touch

  • Be able to upgrade with the force touch on the Apple Watch
  • Chairman Cow doesn’t have fingers so this new feature amuses him


Chairman Cow hates aliens, being hungry, but most of all..BUGS

My Cow is Always Rapping

  • Chairman Cow now will no longer continue rapping when he is unhappy


  • Can no longer upgrade two sections at once
  • Upgrade text now always disappears after choosing to upgrade

Scrolling is so Annoying

  • Locations can no longer scroll up and down so it will be easier to navigate

Chairman Cow has more for you guys coming soon, so like always stay tuned!

Version 1.0.4 Released on June 8, 2015

Bugs, bugs, go away, may you be destroyed in radioactive decay.

WATCH OS 1.0.1: Now fixed up and super-optimized to work, it'll be so fun you'll twerk, twerk, twerk.

NEW MINI STORY: We've added a SUPER FLUFFY little story for Chickadee for when you hit level 24, you'll never guess what happens on the ground floor

Stay oh-so-very tuned, we've got more updates coming soon!

Version 1.0.3 Released on May 9, 2015

Chairman Cow hates bugs, and we've squished a ton! We hope this update will bring you as much joy as you felt when the delivery guy handed you your brand new Apple Watch!!

LEVEL CAP RAISED: Continue Chairman Cow's journey up to level 24! (SPOILER ALERT: We added something super cute!!)

APPLE WATCH GLANCE: We have an improved Glance that lets you instantly see Chairman Cow's mood.

BUG FIXES & PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: We just want it to run oh-so-smooth on your shiny new watch!