One day the entire world will echo my name, Chairman Cow.

Such a time will come my funky friend, don't start worrying now.

Just you and me, we will claim the legendary rapping throne.

An impossible task that not even the greatest cow can do alone.

My indomitable cow spirit will be put to the ultimate test.

So now finally do something worthwhile and join me on this quest.

Take care of your very own Chairman Cow

Make sure to feed and clean your cow, his hunger knows no bounds and no one likes a stinky cow. 

Accompany Chairman Cow on his dream

See how the storyline unfolds as a regular cow becomes a king.
Stand alongside your cow when he attains the title of Rap King.

Upgrade Chairman Cow’s house

Spend hard earned moolah to upgrade sections of the house.
Upgrading will take time to finish, but will give more inspiration for your cow to rap. A box is no sleeping place for a future king. 

See Chairman Cow raps take over the world

Chairman Cow practices rapping when he is selling lemonade. 
Earn rap inspiration to level up and proceed with the story.