Chairman Cow Guide

What is Chairman Cow?

Chairman Cow is a virtual pet game for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Chairman Cow has a dream to become the Rap King! He starts out with just a dream and a little bit of πŸ’°, which he will invest to sell lemonade to fund his rap career. Experience Chairman Cow's journey, clean and feed him and make his dreams come true!

What do these numbers mean?

πŸ’°MoolahMoolah represents Chairman Cow's' money, which can be spent on upgrading your Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. Earn Moolah by working at the lemonade stand.
πŸ’—Health⬆Hearts represent Chairman Cow's' health, and a pulsing heart indicates he is recovering health by resting in his living room.
πŸ’”Health⬇Hearts represent Chairman Cow's health, and a broken heart indicates he is slowly draining health while working at the Lemonade Stand.
πŸ•FoodFood represents Chairman Cow's hunger, and will slowly decrease the hungrier he gets.
πŸ›HygieneHygiene represents Chairman Cow's cleanliness, and will slowly decrease the dirtier he gets.
Rap InspirationRap Inspiration accumulates to increase Chairman Cow's level. If you accumulate enough Rap Inspiration, Chairman Cow will level up. Rest, Eat and Clean to gain more Rap Inspiration. It is represented by a white bar that fills up as you take different actions. Whenever the white bar fills up, another level is gained.
LevelChairman Cow's level is increased by gaining Rap Inspiration. Each increase in Chairman Cow's level will gain visual upgrades, an increase in πŸ’° and Raps earned, and will unlock new stories when you have increased level enough. It takes more and more Rap Inspiration to level up as you approach higher levels.

Where can I take Chairman Cow?

There are four main locations you can swipe to move between in the game. Swipe left and right to see the different locations Chairman Cow can visit.

WorkWork is Chairman Cow's Lemonade Stand. When you place Chairman Cow here, he will work hard and earn πŸ’°. You will see him writing Rap songs at the bottom of the screen, and his total Raps will slowly increase. Working slowly decreases Chairman Cow's πŸ’”, and he will stop earning money and rapping if his πŸ’” hits 0. When Chairman Cow levels up, his Work will change locations and gain visual upgrades in accordance with the story line.
Living RoomThe Living Room is where Chairman Cow likes to rest. When you place Chairman Cow here, he will slowly regain πŸ’— and gain Rap Inspiration. The higher level you have upgraded the Living Room, the more Rap Inspiration Chairman Cow will regain per point of πŸ’—. If πŸ’— reached 10, Chairman Cow will no longer gain Rap Inspiration for healing.
KitchenThe Kitchen is where Chairman Cow gets to eat FOOD!! Chairman Cow loves food. When he eats, his πŸ• will fully refill to 10, and you will gain Rap Inspiration proportional to how many points of πŸ• you refilled. Upgrading your Kitchen level will gain a visual upgrade, unlock new food Chairman Cow randomly eats, and increase the amount of Rap Inspiration per point of πŸ• refilled.
BathroomThe Bathroom is where Chairman Cow can get all cleaned up! When he cleans up, his πŸ› will fully refill to 10, and you will gain Rap Inspiration proportional to how many points of πŸ› you refilled. Upgrading your Bathroom level gains a visual upgrade and increases the amount of Rap Inspiration per point of πŸ› refilled.

Tapping on Work or the Living Room will have Chairman Cow stay there. If πŸ• is less than 10, tapping on the Kitchen will make Chairman Cow eat. If πŸ› is less than 10, tapping on the Bathroom will clean Chairman Cow.

How do I upgrade?

The Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom can be upgraded. The cost in πŸ’° is listed at the bottom of the screen. To initiate an upgrade, tap on the button at the bottom of the screen. Alternately, on the Apple Watch, you can use Force Touch to get an option to upgrade the location. (Only available in Chairman Cow 1.0.5 and later.) If you have enough πŸ’°, a timer will begin and the upgrade will complete once the timer has hit 0. Higher level upgrades cost more πŸ’° and take longer to complete.

Only one location can be upgraded at a time.

How do I take care of Chairman Cow?

  • When Chairman Cow is hungry and πŸ• gets low, go to the Kitchen and tap on the screen to feed him.
  • When Chairman Cow is dirty and πŸ› is low, go to the Bathroom and tap on the screen to clean him.
  • When Chairman Cow is tired and πŸ’” is low, go to the Living Room to rest and recover πŸ’—s
  • When Chairman Cow is energetic and πŸ’— is high, go to Work to rap, make πŸ’° selling Lemonade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Chairman Cow earn Moolah faster?

The amount of πŸ’°earned is based on the current level of Chairman Cow. The higher the level, the more Chairman Cow will earn.

What do I spend Moolah on?

You can spend πŸ’° on upgrading sections on your house. Hit the button at the bottom of the screen for Living Room, Kitchen or Bathroom to upgrade, or Force Touch the location on your Apple Watch. If you have enough πŸ’°, the upgrade will begin, and a timer will display when the upgrade will finish.

What do upgrades for my house do?

You will be able to upgrade the Living room, Kitchen, and the Bathroom. Once a house upgrade finishes, the section of the house upgraded will improve graphically and give more Rap Inspiration for each point recovered.

How do I check my stats?

If you swipe to the rightmost screen, just past the Bathroom, there is a stats page containing information about everything Chairman Cow has accomplished.

How do I know when to take care of Chairman Cow?

Chairman Cow will send you push notifications whenever he needs a bath, is hungry, ready to work or has been worked too hard and needs rest. You can also check the Apple Watch Glance to quickly see how Chairman Cow is going.

What’s the best strategy for this game?

Make sure you check on Chairman Cow often and instantly switch him from working to taking a rest since so he can resume earning Moolah again. Don’t let the πŸ’— meter sit at 0 or 10 for too long! It’s also effective to send Chairman Cow to work while you sleep and recover him when you wake up.

What if I have more questions?

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Enjoy the epic story of Chairman Cow!