Version 1.6.1 (March 21, 2016)


Another update, another 2,000 words added to Timecrest's evolving storyline. Get to know Ash's folks a little better. What's happening with Petora and the hooded man? And what is the meaning of the new, mysterious dream that Ash has?


Continue your adventure by contributing to our forums and winning Time Crystals!


Fixed a bug where the pouch would sometimes show the wrong item description.

Version 1.6 (March 4, 2016)

You haven't heard from us for a while because we've been hard at work on Timecrest: The Door, which will be released as a free update to Timecrest this spring! In the meantime, we've got some updates for you while you wait:


  • We've done our continued HD improvements to Timecrest, and added thousands of words to Chapter 3. Discover in further detail the encounter with the mysterious dragon rider, and a confrontation with a powerful teenage boy in Valdor.


  • Our forum contests continue. Visit the Timecrest Forums for our weekly chances to win free Time Crystals!


  • We've done our usual pass to fix bugs and make performance improvements.

We're so excited to be on the cusp of Timecrest: The Door. Some chapters of the update have more words than all of Timecrest 1! We can't wait to show you what's next.

Version 1.5 (December 12, 2015)


  • We're thrilled to launch the teaser trailer for the next part of our saga. Timecrest 2 will be coming soon as a huge content update this app.
  • You can watch the teaser from the game selection menu. Just hit the back button beside the Chapter to do it.


  • We had a huge response to our HD Remake for Chapter 1, so we've done Chapter 2 the same way, and done a pass on all text in Chapter 2.
  • We've added 4,426 more words to Chapter 2, and we're incredibly proud of how much detail has been added to Ash's story.
  • In particular, check out more details on the on history between Ignis and his sister. Why were they important to Alyncian history? Find out now!


  • Our players love debating the mysteries of Timecrest, We have so many surprises and twists and turns planned, but in the meantime, you can continue the discussion. We've added the link in the settings page.


  • As usual, we've fixed bugs and made performance improvements.


We love making Timecrest, and all of the love and support our players have given us allow us to build this incredible world and story that we love to tell.

Version 1.4.2 (November 3, 2015)


  • Fixed a bug where some players would see an endlessly repeating 8 hour timer.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would freeze after returning from a busy timer.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes 3D Touch Quick Actions would not launch the correct tab.

Version 1.4 (October 28, 2015)


  • If a novel got an "HD Remake," what would it be like? Consider this our version. We've added 2,345 words to chapter 1, revising and improving story, descriptions and added new options and paths to explore. New players can enjoy the improved experience, and those who have finished Timecrest can experience it when they Play Again and explore new storylines.
  • Improved text polish, touching up fonts, colors and rendering to make everything extremely readable.
  • If you liked the Chapter 1 remake, please leave an iTunes review with feedback to help us decide if we should continue on with the text improvements!

TOUCHING IN 3D on iPhone 6s

  • QUICK ACTIONS - Jump right into Message, Morty, Merchant or Pouch using 3D touch on the home screen icon
  • PEEK AND POP - In the pouch, save time by using 3D touch to preview item descriptions, or press a bit harder to pop it open


  • Added a settings page where you can now directly email support, attaching relevant game information to improve the process
  • Added Game Center loading and saving, so you can save your game, load it, and even play it on your other devices! This feature requires you to be logged in to Game Center and have iCloud Drive enabled.


  • Fixed a bug where restoring your iPhone from a backup would sometimes lose progress
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would not get access to the Merchant
  • Fixed a bug where the Apple Watch and iPhone would get out of sync. It should only take a few seconds for progress to update now, as long as the Watch and iPhone are in range of each other
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a busy timer would keep repeating on the Apple Watch, especially if it was out of range of the iPhone.
  • Improved Apple Watch app performance. Everything should be smoother and faster.

Version 1.3 (October 10, 2015)


  • THE DOOR - We're so excited about our upcoming update, Timecrest 2: The Door, that we've already added a landing page where you'll be able to select the additional content in the future. For now, you can preview the icon and get a little tease of what might be in store for Ash after the end of Timecrest 1.


  • FULL VISUAL REFRESH - Since you guys loved the iOS app visual refresh so much, we've redone the watch UI to match
  • CHATTY MERCHANT - Now you can learn more about the world from the merchant's point of view right on your wrist!
  • LORE - Read about the lore behind items in the new pouch redesign!
  • SETTINGS - Based on your feedback, we've added the ability to turn on and off autoscrolling, since Ash sometimes talks faster than even we can read!


  • NO MORE PARADOXES - We fixed a bug where in rare instances, people would get negative gold or teleport orbs, and you should no longer see negative amounts showing up. While Timecrest is a story about the amazing possibilities with magic and time travel, we felt the paradox of negative inventory required a little too much suspension of disbelief...

Version 1.2 (October 1, 2015)

Huge Visual Update:

  • Merchant, Pouch and Morty have undergone a full visual redesign

Delve Into The Lore:

  • HISTORY - We've added a History tab so you can read the full story so far!
  • INVENTORY - We've added full descriptions and details for all Items and Spells so you can dive deeper into Alyncian lore
  • CHATTY MERCHANT - Find out some of the things the Merchant is saying. You'll never guess what he thinks of Riley...

Bugs Squashed

  • WHY DON'T YOU CALL? – Fixed a bug where Apple Watch and iPhone would lose sync of progress, especially with poor Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A LITTLE TOO MUCH SUSPENSE – Fixed a bug where the game would stop updating for long periods of time.

Version 1.1 (September 21, 2015)

Full watchOS 2 support:

  • Native app support for blazingly fast load times
  • Complications so you can always see Ash's progress at a glance
  • Haptic feedback so you can feel Ash's powerful spells right on your wrist

iPad/iOS 9 support:

  • iPad users can now enjoy slide over and split view multitasking. We’ve customized special font sizes, layout and splash screens that are customized for when you are multitasking on your iPad.

Ash, be more considerate!

  • Improved notifications–while Ash desperately needs your help, we've convinced Ash to be a little less chatty and also no longer message you late at night.