Award-Winning Sequel to ‘Timecrest’ Launches Four Novels Worth of New Content as a Free Update

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – June 16, 2016 – Timecrest 2: The Door, sequel to the acclaimed Timecrest included in Apple's Apple Watch Best of 2015, launches today as a free update on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Timecrest is a work of interactive fiction at a massive scale, building an epic fantasy world with dozens of locations to explore and many characters to befriend. Players will help save the world of Alyncia by building a team to fight powerful mages.

Timecrest 2: The Door is a free update that seamlessly continues from the original, where decisions made in the first game impact the diverging plotlines of the sequel.

“Bringing Timecrest 2: The Door to players as a free update with over five times more content was the only choice that maximizes player experience,” said Justin Ng, Sneaky Crab CEO. “Our upgraded story engine and the addition of a 14 song musical score not only make the sequel an incredibly immersive work of fiction, but also make the original game feel brand new.”

Timecrest 2: The Door New Features Include:

  • A full story with over 170,000 words.
  • Immersive music, featuring a soundtrack of 14 songs.
  • Non-linear exploration with new map system.
  • Aura system, infusing damage and healing into a text-driven experience.
  • Wild twists, with multiple paths and endings making every play-through a completely different experience.
  • Play on your iPhone and iPad, or optionally take on-the-go with your Apple Watch.

Timecrest 2: The Door is now available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. For more information visit the Timecrest website, the Timecrest Press Kit, the Sneaky Crab Press Kit, or email us.

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