Turn back time. Save the world.

Alyncia is about to be destroyed by meteors.

When it seems that all hope is lost for this magical world, a young mage named Ash establishes a connection with you. To the surprise of you both, you find that you have the power to alter time in Alyncia.

In this time of darkness, Ash needs a friend.

Ash needs you.

Build a team.

Roger Mendenhall is an aspiring water mage from the Sand Kingdom of Windsorhowl. He is currently studying the methods of Indra Frost, a previous Master of Water, who many believe cheated her way to becoming a Master.

Roger makes a great first impression and talks big about what the team can accomplish. But when faced with danger, he seems to back down quickly when it comes to fighting. Perhaps he's more of a lover?

A.C. is a stoic swordsman assigned to Ash's team because he procrastinated on registration. Although a member of the Timecrest Guild of Mages, strangely, A.C. is unable to cast magic. Instead, he excels at physical combat and uses his speed and strength to quickly cut through his enemies.

Though he possesses a fantastic memory, A.C. seems to have forgotten something very important to him, and journeys in search of his lost memories.

Elise Maybelle is a mysterious, young necromancer who forcibly joins the team. She lives on the same block as Roger and seems to know something more about A.C. Her magical abilities appear to be much stronger than the others and her intuition makes her seem to know what's going on long before the others figure it out.

Why does she keep following the group around? Why does she think Ash looks blurry? Is there something she's not telling them?

Explore the world.

The world of Alyncia is filled with many places to explore. Experience interactive fiction at an epic scale.

Choose where you want to go, and discover the secrets of Alyncia. Will you explore the ruins of Valdor, in search of the shocking truth as to how it was destroyed in a single day?

Will you travel 30,000 feet into the sky to learn what secrets Chronos has hidden in the crystalline palace of Aion?

Or perhaps the Merchant City of Aurumhalla is more your pace, where you can stop to enjoy a meal and shop for exotic fruits and tomes?

When you are weary from your travels, return to the Timecrest Guild, and ask an Archive Oracle the answers to your questions. Or look for Princess Riley in the Timecrest Gardens. Or play with Morty, Ash's loyal wolf pup.

The world is yours to explore.

Begin your adventure.

The world of Alyncia needs a hero like you.

Will you answer Ash's call?